Gemini Power Bundle

Gemini Power Bundle

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This bundle was curated with Gemini's in mind.  Each stone a powerful ally for anyone with strong Gemini influences in their chart (Sun, Moon and/or Rising)  These stones were selected to support the Gemini BODY, MIND and SPIRIT

Each collection includes:

 3" natural Agate "plate" that works beautifully as the base of a mini altar.  3" Rainbow Fluorite dt.  Each piece varies in color. All with beautiful banding. 3/4" Aquamarine heart.  Fire Quartz/Red Healer palm stone (with rainbows).  25mm/1" rainbow Obsidian sphere with stand.  Cobalt blue flash Labradorite free form (shapes vary). 1/2" Tigers Eye cube and a mini natural Citrine point.

The collection of stones and energies supports Gemini body, mind and spirit.