Tanzanite & Indigo Kyanite Necklace
Tanzanite & Indigo Kyanite Necklace

Tanzanite & Indigo Kyanite Necklace

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This one of a kind necklace features a  stunning 14 carat Tanzanite briolette paired with a trio of rich Indigo Kyanite briolettes. 

The 18" heart chain has a light patina finish and is finished with a 2" extender.  The front cluster hangs and additional 1.5"

Tanzanite is a stone of happiness.  It offers magical and mystical energy and helps to awaken a sense of wonder.  

Indigo Kyanite resonates strongly with your third eye, enhances intuition and spiritual awakening.  It is known as a stone of wisdom.

The Tanzanite is from my old stash of collected stones.  Pieces like this are no longer available at the price I was able to purchase many years ago.  Due to the mine closing, the supply and demand has made Tanzanite a cherished addition to anyone's collection.