KRISTIN FORD COLLECTIONS are all about the power and healing energy of stones.  The jewelry and natural stones have high vibrations and clear energy.  Gemstones literally from A (Amethyst) to Z (Zircon) that can rejuvenate, attract goodness, regain health, promote inner peace and so much more.

Each piece is accompanied by a tag identifying the stones and energetic gifts they have to offer.  Find the piece that is calling to you.

"It is an honor creating jewelry with beautiful stones and powerful energy.  Each piece is designed with intention and is offered as a symbol of choosing love, hope and peace. - Kristin

“Each stone is carefully used for its frequency and vibration so not only are the pieces beautiful but also healing. My Kyanite, Blue Topaz, and Apatite are soul soothing. I feel a connectedness with the universal energy when I wear these.”

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