“I wear very little jewelry, but over the years I have collected and worn your necklaces because the stones go beyond beauty and they carry your energy and love. I feel connected to you when I am choosing what to wear and when it's around my neck. I have especially loved some of the small turquoise necklaces and a white crystal one that always looks amazing.” — Kathleen W.

“Your work is unbelievably beautiful. No website could possibly do it justice!” — Rebecca H.

“If I feel a little down I put on my pink tanzanite and kyanite earrings and smile. The joy and magic immediately change me.”  — Cloud H.

“I adore my Kristin Ford jewelry not only because it is stunning but because each piece has been imbued with special love and intention. Each time I wear my Amethyst, Lavender Scapolite, and Pink Sapphire necklace I feel a peaceful love and freeing energy. I wear when I need a loving boost.“

“The KF Larimar and Aquamarine necklace my husband gave me is so helpful for channelling compassion and peace. So needed in today's world.”

“My father passed suddenly and I found an amazing one of a kind Kristin Ford Sapphire necklace. She made it on his birthday. I gave it to my mom and she wears it every single day. She says that with her necklace on she feels like she will be ok. She can feel the loving energy with her always.”

“Kristin's beautiful and meaningful designs are the only earrings I wear. During times of pinching pennies I have worn a lovely set of ruby and garnet earrings, I feel their energy help me through those times. No lottery winnings but I made it through and that was important. Currently I wear a pair of kyanite earrings for a peaceful way of being. This art as jewelry is light and elegant. I get frequent compliments, and I feel pretty.”  — Suellen J.

“Each piece is imbued with love and energy and the stones have their own energy.”

“I have a juicy Ruby necklace that I love. Being my birthstone, it helps ground me and "be" in my power. I always wear it when I have an especially challenging conversation, meeting or project to handle. At the end of the day, as I'm putting the necklace away, I am reminded that it did it's job in supporting me. A side note: I had to learn how to wear this necklace. At first, the energy was too much for me, and I couldn't wear it for more than a few hours. Kristin advised me to be more mindful of my intended outcome and now I can wear it all day.”  — Denise P.

“I wear Kristin Ford Jewelry EVERY DAY! It feels good no matter what I am wearing. I've had days where for some reason I had a strong urge to wear one particular necklace and couldn't get it off my mind so I had to choose my outfit to accommodate that necklace. I don't always know what I need from the stone at the beginning of the day, but by the end of the day, it's done it's job.”  — Corrie S.

“It's the exquisite combination of colors – they are just yummy and juicy – and the cut of the stones – often quite unusual. In short, it's Kristin's design eye. My KF jewelry is among my most favorite in my jewelry box. It just doesn't look like more of the same.”  — Karen S.

“It’s hard to put into words why I love wearing Kristin Ford Jewelry. I just know that when I need a little extra love, confidence or peace, I have the perfect stones for whatever is needed.”  — Amy J.

“Kristin Ford’s jewelry is my go to battery pack. Whatever kind of energy I need for the day, I have a Kristin Ford piece to help support it. I have confidence, protection, love, or prosperity necklaces and earrings that I can wear. They always bring me the peace I need.”  — Elizabeth S.

“It is hard for me to describe the love and sentiment I have for my Kristin Ford pieces! What began as a gifted charm bracelet has blossomed into a personal collection of pieces that speak directly to my heart!”   — Andriene S