Carnelian Prehnite & Citrine Earrings  EWH2124

Carnelian Prehnite & Citrine Earrings EWH2124

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These vibrant sterling silver earrings feature 11-12mm Carnelian briolettes topped with a cluster of Prehnite and Citrine teardrops.  The total gemstone cluster hangs approximately 1" from the ss lever back clasp.

This earring pairs nicely with NWH2022

Carnelian is an energizing stone that promotes creativity and courage.  It is also supports emotional balance and physical well being.

Prehnite is a sweet stone that opens the heart to unconditional love, heals emotional wounds, and promotes self-love and forgiveness.  It also supports connection to the spirit world and psychic abilities.

Citrine is a stone of hope, abundance and optimism.