Quartz, Tourmaline & Rainbow Moonstone Necklace
Quartz, Tourmaline & Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

Quartz, Tourmaline & Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

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This fun, one of a kind, necklace features an 18" strung pattern of earth toned Tourmaline coins with rainbow Moonstone roundels.  The center has a cluster of Tourmaline coins topping the 1" clear quartz "donut."  There is also a fun collection of Tourmaline coin dangles filling in the "donut hole" 

The necklace is finished with a 2" sterling silver extender chain and 11mm ss lobster clasp.

What do I love about this one of a kind necklace?


The circular shape of the quartz center as well as the tourmaline coins used for the dangles and in the strung pattern.

The energy... combining the clarity and manifesting vibration of clear Quartz with the grounding and well beingness of tourmaline. There's also rainbow moonstone in the pattern representing new beginnings and attracting good fortune.

The whimsy of the floating tourmaline coins...

The joy I experienced in making it...

I love it all.